In 1990, after graduating from college, I traveled to Canada to study Philosophy, Film and English Literature at the University of Western Ontario. I later returned to Buenos Aires where I would begin my studies at the Universidad del Cine.

There I got to know the principles of cinematography and enjoyed learning about the technical side: lighting, optics, camera and sound. After graduating in 1996, I traveled to Chile where I worked as a camerawoman for major commercial production companies. In 1998 I returned to Buenos Aires to study with pioneering photographers Sanguinetti and Luzzi, who had acquired the first ever digital back in Argentina.

In 2000 I founded my production company along with award winning producer Jorge di Benedetto and shortly after, made big international campaigns for clients such as Coca Cola, Exxon, Ford, HSBC, VW, Sony and Heineken, receiving awards at Clio and Cannes Festivals among others.

I love capturing beauty of the ordinary, turning the common into something special. I love collaborating and sharing my passion with creatives and crews. I work between USA, Mexico and Argentina when not somewhere else.

In my spare time I take interest in organic gardening, and cultivate my herb and vegetable garden, I train and compete in tennis, the sport I’ve played since my childhood.